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What You Need To Know About Cockroaches:

Cockroaches are one of the most common pest infestation in NYC. Although often outdoors cockroaches many times enter homes and businesses because they’re the ideal breeding ground for many species of cockroaches. Areas where humans reside provide many of the essentials and preferred living conditions for cockroaches like warmth, food, water, and a nesting area.

Cockroaches poses a serious hazard to your health by carrying germs and diseases and they can also cause allergies and asthma from their shed skin and droppings. Because they reproduce very quickly, any sighting of cockroaches can mean there are many more that are behind walls or hidden from plain sight. A small cockroach problem can become a massive infestation very quickly.

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Cockroach Facts:

  • Several different types of cockroaches including American, Brownbanded, German, and Oriental.
  • Depdning on species, size can range from 0.5" to 3" or more.
  • Typically brown, reddish-brown, or black in color.

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